Watch and Download The Order 2019 Netflix Series Online Free

Watch and Download The Order 2019 Netflix Series Online Free

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Watch and Download The Order 2019 Netflix Series Online Free

Watch and Download The Order 2019 Netflix Series Online Free. The Order has a very exciting theme and you want to deep dive into the world. Magic, secret orders, and evil forces structure a fertile ground for adventure; however, your journey is ruined by petty, one-dimensional characters. You can directly blame poor screenwriting for almost every single encounter. The actors are not being utilized but instead, the writers make almost all of the characters a stereotype. You have a female with a punk rock teenage angst who has the emotional range of “slaughter everything” and “I talk with my fists”. You have the seemingly wizened leader who’s actually at the same maturity level as the other characters and his cocktail bartending skills are supposed to make him relatable. There is a pretentious rich-snob who has absolutely no interesting qualities besides choosing every possible choice against the main characters. There is a grandfather who alienates the audience by his singular mindset, then he is supposed to gain your sympathy and motivate the main character’s actions. Even the main character is a dreamy, handsome, self-centered/narcissistic, and the too-cool-for-school type who makes choices on his own that no viewer could rationalize. I hope all the other characters figure out my plans and try to be good team players in the nick of time.” There is a token gay man who is treated as the side-kick of the rich-snob character and adds no quality to show. He dawdles behind this pretentious girl as a pet gay without a mind for his own. He makes one decision for himself and it’s to quit The Order. It’s not bravery but more that he outlived his usefulness in the show. As a gay man, I find all of this insulting. All of the cast diversity is in 4 background characters who die or never get their own scene/lines.

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Watch and Download The Order 2019 Netflix Series Online Free
IMDb Rating 6.9




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