Download The Widow 2019 TV Series Complete S1 In 720p Free

Download The Widow 2019 TV Series Complete S1 In 720p Free

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Download The Widow 2019 TV Series Complete S1 In 720p Free

Download The Widow 2019 TV Series Complete S1 In 720p Free. Harry and Jack Williams have created a penetrating mystery drama. This series has formidable direction, writing, cinematography, settings, score, and acting. The score adds to the intensity of certain scenes and the overall tone of the series. All of the actors involved deliver superlative performances. In particular Dance, Olusanmokun, Ido, and Fouche stand out. Beckinsale commands the series with an emotive performance. The plot revolves around the disappearance of Georgia Wells’ husband Will during a plane crash that occurs in the jungles of the Congo. There was only one reported survivor who was a nurse that died later on during recovery. Georgia has been living peacefully on a Welsh farm, but still suffers inside from Will’s death, until one day she sees footage of rioting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the DRC. She sees a man being pulled through the fighting wearing an orange baseball cap that is identical to what Will was wearing when he embarked on the fatal flight. This ignites an investigation into the possibility that Will is still alive. She travels to Kinshasa to start to investigate and soon a web of storylines begins which, in this viewer’s opinion, is symbolic of a widow’s web. Georgia starts by hunting down Pieter Bello who was the last man seen with Will in the footage. She does this with the assistance of her friend Martin Benson. Throughout the series, we learn there was more than one survivor and that the plane crash was no accident. We learn this through a man who is now blind, Ariel who witnessed events that occurred leading up to the plane crash. Ariel has been hiding out of fear for his life but eventually decides to come forward which could cause serious problems for General Azikiwe of the DRC and Pieter. We learn that Azikiwe, Pieter, and Judith Gray are involved in illegal mining of coltan which is an extremely valuable element used in the technology of computers and cell phones. During Georgia’s investigation, she rescues a young girl, Adidja who was stolen from her village to fight for a militant group in the DRC. As the series continues Georgia solves the mystery of Will, but more importantly, in this viewer’s opinion, uncovers the reason for the plane crash and who was behind it. The series has sort of a “Babel” feel to it as it takes place in a few different countries and there is a language barrier at times. It also has a sort of, “Blood Diamond” feel to it because of the mining of coltan.

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Download The Widow 2019 TV Series Complete S1 In 720p Free
IMDb Rating 8.0




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