Westworld S1 Complete 2018

Westworld S1 Complete 2018

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There were some beautiful episodes in Season 2, and some fascinating twists and turns, but while the first season felt like a naturally unraveling mystery, the second season felt too purposefully opaque. We learned in the season finale that Bernard scrambled his own memories on purpose in order to protect the identity of Dolores, who was in a duplicate of Charlotte Hale’s body, and this is why everything is so fuzzy and confusing and why the split timelines worked the way they did.But this is a far less interesting gimmick than the entirely obscured timelines of Season 1. We didn’t even realize for quite some time that the William timeline and the Man in Black timeline were separate. This was an illusion created by clever writing. We just didn’t realize it until the clues started coming together. The revelation that Bernard was a Host fit into this other mystery perfectly, because it allowed him and Arnold to both interact with Dolores in different timelines without us realizing it. Bernard was the red herring that distracted us from the truth about William and the Man in Black.

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Westworld S1 Complete 2018
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